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Dr. Kristy's Story

Award-Winning Doctor of Chiropractic, Kinesiologist, Nutrition Response Testing® Practitioner, Speaker, Author

Like most healers, my journey began with my own personal testimony. I was that patient who was struggling without answers. Every day, my pain condition caused more and more disruption to my goals and my dreams. I was bounced around from specialist to specialist looking for answers with no avail. I had every test under the sun. I was poked and prodded only to come up empty handed. Every test came back “normal.” So what happens when your pain and discomfort cant be explained by traditional medicine’s sophisticated tests? Perhaps it’s all in your head! That’s where I put my foot down.

Herbs of Grace

Anyone who has ever known me has never accused me of being depressed. I was top of my class, I loved school, and I was ambitious about my pre-med studies to become a doctor myself one day. The problem was that the very profession that I was studying to become a part of was failing me personally. Not knowing what I know today, I was left to trust my doctors. The problem was that their recommendations on how to treat my pelvic pain became more and more invasive with more severe risks. When the tests couldn't show the source of my condition, the doctors recommended exploratory surgery...that’s right….open me up and see what they could see. For lack of any better suggestion, I obliged. It was then diagnosed that I had endometriosis. Having a diagnosis seemed comforting for a short minute until that is that it became clear that there was no great long-term plan to manage or cure my condition. I had surgery every 2 years thereafter to remove the lesions that were causing my pain followed by a course of hormone treatments which put me into menopause. It became clear after 3 surgeries that this wasn't a good long-term plan, especially since I was only in college, wasn't in a long-term relationship, and couldn't make a final decision about the future of my fertility.


My gynecologist at the time even suggested that I have a complete hysterectomy and have some eggs frozen in case I wanted to have a family at a later time. WHAT?!! I remember one evening, the medication that was injected into me (meaning you can't just decide you don't want to take it any longer) made the 60 Minutes news program due to the dangerous long-term neurological side-effects. The report was so negative that my gynecologist actually called me personally the next day to discuss what I had heard and stated that he would understand if I decided not to undergo any more treatments. What I have not yet mentioned is during this time, I was forced to take time from my undergraduate pre-medical studies because I was so sick with the symptoms of menopause.


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Online Services

The purpose of our 90/10 Lifestyle program is to help you master your health and metabolism one phase at a time. We want to help you end deprivation, experience freedom, and feel amazing!

Through this 12-week online program, we provide you with 12 weeks of body-transforming lessons; monthly meal plans with recipes and macros; food lists for "what to eat" confidence; a customizable plan for your body and goals; our 3-phase protocol to maximize your results; downloadable worksheets and trackers; and a community to support you along your journey. 

Private Practice

At Health by Design, our mission is to restore hope to those who haven’t been able to get help elsewhere. We provide compassionate care in a healing and approachable environment, enabling our patients to experience freedom from the bodily distraction of discomfort and stress.


​Our services include Chiropractic, Adjustments and Manipulation, Nutrition Response Testing®, Applied Kinesiology, Ionic Foot Baths, BEMER® Sessions, and Nutrition Solutions. 



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Meet Dr. Kristy

Meet Dr. Kristy